Visitors judge your site’s credibility by its design alone
Stanford University started a research project called the Web Credibility Project in which they discovered and noted: “People quickly Read more
Visitors need direction when they come to your website
Your call to action (CTA) includes prominent elements, sections, and buttons on a page that tell the visitor what you want them to do.
Visitors don’t read most of the content on your page
When visitors decide to read your web page, they only read about 20% of it. While that's tough, there's a way around that.
Your website visitors have short attention spans
If people are coming to your website and immediately hitting the back button (known as "a bounce"), then the use of a tagline is something to consider.
5 Things you can do to reduce that mountain of email
You know you have way too many emails flooding your inbox. Don't put up with it. Learn how to reduce your email to only the ones that matter.
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7 Principles you should be following to meet your goals online
It's important to note that design is only mentioned once on this list and everything else has to do with content. After reading you'll know why.
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6 Common user behaviors that affect your website’s success
Once you understand how people interact with websites, you’ll be ready to understand how to build a website that meets your goals.
Find out what successful company logos have in common
The best logos are simple, readable at any size, and designed in a way that can be easily displayed on multiple media.
6 Reasons why you need a Google account for your website
A Google account is essential for any serious website owner. The following are a few useful tools a free account provides.
5 mistakes people make when buying a domain name
Your domain name should be easy to remember, say and type. Avoid dashes, underscores, or attaching INC, LLC, and etc. to the end of it. Try to stick with dot-com and avoid not so common extensions.